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Do you strive to level the chances when betting on underdogs? Or do you want to punt on favourites with a spread? Asian handicap predictions are among the selections most popular with punters when it comes to spread betting on football, basketball, tennis, and ice hockey.

Takebet Uganda predicts top football competitions: UEFA Champions League and Europa League, EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, MLS, and Ligue 1, alongside other tournaments.

There are several data points Takebet Uganda analyses to get our best free Asian handicap tips ready for you: recent form, result trends, offensive and defensive stats of teams, physical fitness of athletes, betting odds and their value, news on injuries and suspensions, and more.

We publish our single picks and accumulators 1-2 days before any sporting event. So don’t hesitate and pick Asian handicap selections on our website now!

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Asian handicap predictions: what do we offer?

So what are Asian handicap betting tips on Takebet Uganda? These selections let you place a bet on a team or an athlete to win a match with a particular spread of goals (points, sets, etc.), and if the match ends in a draw after the application of the handicap, you will get a stake refund.

As arguably the best Asian handicap prediction site, Takebet Uganda writes about several sports. For example, in football, one can bet on a team to lead by the number of goals scored, yellow cards acquired, corners awarded, and such. In tennis, one can bet on an athlete to lead in a match by the number of sets won. We predict spreads in a match, a half, and a quarter in basketball.

Among our best Asian handicap tips, we feature all types of spreads:

  • 0 AH (level ones)
  • 0.5 and 1 AH (single ones)
  • 0.25 AH (split or double ones)

Read further for us to explain to you the types of Asian handicaps in detail!

Asian handicap betting tips explained

Asian handicaps imply a particular number of goals (points, sets, etc.) added or subtracted on behalf of the chosen team or athlete. If afterwards they lead in the scoreline, then the bet will win, while if they trail behind, then your bet will lose; in case of a draw, a bettor gets refunded.

With a standard handicap, you bet on a team to win (e.g. on the spread of goals, points, etc.). However, one can also bet on a team to lead in statistics, such as corners or yellow cards.

Probably the most popular Asian handicap option is a zero or level AH. We write this option down as “AH (0.0)” or “Asian handicap (0)”. When making such a bet, you predict a team or an athlete to win a match, while in the case of a draw you get a complete refund from a bookie. Hence, the betting odds of level AH are lower than for a simple 1x2 bet on a winning team.

There is another selection called draw no bet, which is the same as the Asian handicap (0).

Example: you bet on Chelsea with an Asian handicap (0) to win over Arsenal. If Chelsea win, you will win; if they lose, you will lose. If Chelsea draw the match, you will get a refund.

Single AH constitutes the main bulk of Asian handicap selections on Takebet Uganda. You can only win or lose with a handicap multiple of 0.5 because a draw is impossible after applying such a pick to the final result. A great example is a bet on Barcelona to win with AH (-1.5).

Example #1: you bet on the Boston Celtics to win with AH (+4.5) over the Cleveland Cavaliers. If the Celtics win, draw or lose not more than by four points, then you will win.

On the other hand, Asian handicaps multiple of 1 can result in a draw after their application to the final scoreline, which guarantees you a stake refund in case of a tie outcome.

Example #2: you bet on the Boston Bruins to win with AH (-2) over the Montreal Canadiens. You will cash out winnings if the Bruins triumph with a lead of three goals or more. The bookie will refund you if Boston win with a lead of exactly two goals. In the case of any other result, you will lose your bet, given the Bruins will be the losing side after subtracting two goals.

Split AH, also known as double or quarter Asian handicaps, are the most flexible selections. These are multiples of 0.25, and you can write them down in two ways. For example, AH (-0.75) and AH (-0.5, 1) are the same, being a combo of two different spreads — (-0.5) and (-1). When you place such a bet, bookmakers split your stake in two: one half on (-0.5), another on (-1).

Example: you bet on Manchester United to win over Liverpool with AH (-0.75). The odds of the selection equal 2.00. To win the bet, you need Man Utd to triumph with a lead of two or more goals. If the Red Devils win by one goal, you will win only half of your bet (-0.5) and get the other half (-1.0) as a refund. And if Manchester United draw or lose the match, then you will fail. Imagine that you have staked $10. In the first case, you will get a payout of $20 ($10 x 2.00), and in the second case, a payout of $15 ($5 x 2.00 + $5). In the third case, you will get nothing.

Asian handicap accumulators

Takebet Uganda strives to select the most valuable odds for the best Asian handicap tips. We provide them for free in two forms: as single bets and in accumulators. In the latter, we tie AH predictions to other betting markets such as 1x2, over/under totals, correct scores, and other options. The odds of our accumulators reach as high as 10.00 (+900 American; 9/1 Fractional).

However, we publish single tips on Asian handicaps more often, given that betting on singles is more efficient. Odds of our single picks range from 1.50 (-200; 1/2) to 3.00 (+200; 2/1).

Sports and tournaments we cover

Surely football tips are not the only ones we offer! The experts of Takebet Uganda also produce free Asian handicap predictions for tennis, basketball, and ice hockey. Read on to learn more!


The football tournaments we cover with AH tips include:

  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • English Premier League
  • La Liga Primera Division
  • Italian Serie A
  • German Bundesliga
  • French Ligue 1
  • South African Premier Division
  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Euro

Apart from an actual outcome of a football match (e.g. a goal margin), a sports bettor can predict the best teams by the number of yellow cards, the number of corners, and such.

Example: Manchester City to win with (-2.5) over Aston Villa in a Premier League match. This bet will bring you money if Man City wins the game with at least a three-goal lead.


The tennis tournaments we predict include:

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open
  • ATP Masters 1000 and 500
  • WTA 1000 and 500
  • Summer Olympic tennis tournament

When betting on an Asian spread in tennis, you analyse sets or games in a match.

Example: a bet on Daniil Medvedev to win with AH (-1.5) sets against Filip Krajinovic in a bo3 match. This prediction will bring you money if Medvedev happens to win 2-0. However, you will lose in any other case, such as a 2-1 win of Daniil Medvedev or him losing the match.


Point margins are what you bet on when using our basketball predictions for handicaps.

The basketball tournaments with Asian handicap betting tips include:

  • NBA
  • Euroleague
  • FIBA Basketball World Cup
  • Eurobasket
  • Afrobasket
  • Summer Olympic basketball tournament

Example: a prediction for the Milwaukee Bucks to win with AH (-7.5) over the New Orleans Pelicans. To win the bet, you need the Bucks to win the match by eight or more points. A win by seven points or fewer as well as a defeat of the Bucks will mean a loss for you.

Ice hockey

With our Asian handicap ice hockey predictions, you will bet on goal margins in matches.

The hockey tournaments Takebet Uganda predicts are:

  • NHL
  • IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship
  • Winter Olympic ice hockey tournament

Example: a bet on the Ottawa Senators to win with AH (+2) over the Florida Panthers. To get your winnings, you need the Senators to triumph with any score or to draw the match or the Panthers to succeed by one goal only. However, if the Panthers win with a two-goal lead, you will get a refund, while any other victory of the Panthers will mean a loss for you.

How we analyse sports for Asian handicap bets

At Takebet Uganda, we essentially base our analysis on two pillars: sporting statistics and betting odds. By analysing the stats, we calculate probabilities of events and compare them to the odds:

  1. Team/athlete form: this has to do with the winning and losing streaks in all recent matches and the same tournament in football, basketball, and ice hockey. In tennis, we talk about the results of recent matches of an athlete and their results on the same surface in the current season. The fitness of a player or a team plays a huge role, too.
  2. Team news: right before a game starts, the teams release their lineups with updates on injuries and suspensions — for example, in football. Imagine the top scorer is injured — how will it affect the team’s performance? Badly, for sure. And we account for that.
  3. Statistics: in-game football statistics we analyse include, for example, the number of goals scored and conceded in the past few games (5-8). In basketball, we explore team shooting performance. In tennis, we analyse the stats of serves, double faults, and aces.
  4. H2H record: results of the previous head-to-head fixtures are greatly important in assessing motivation. In tennis, even a stronger player may lose to the one who has previously beaten him. Not to mention the recent H2H matches: in football, we recommend taking into account the head-to-heads of 2-3 previous years.

Betting strategies for Asian handicap tips

Strategies for Asian handicap football tips and predictions for other sports are direct instructions guiding you to profitable bets. Let’s explore a couple of betting strategies you can use now:

  1. Asian handicap (0) strategy. Wager on a team with a zero handicap in the following circumstances: 1) you doubt the chosen team will win, 2) you are sure the opposing side will not win, 3) you suppose that the chances of the chosen team to win are higher than to draw, 4) you want the odds to be higher than you will get for the “win or draw” option.
  2. Asian handicap (+2) strategy. Place an AH (+2) bet in the following circumstances: 1) you are sure that an underdog will not lose by more than one goal, but you want to ensure the bet in case they lose by two goals, 2) you want a sure selection for an accumulator, and there is a slight underdog to bet on. In both cases, if the underdog loses by one goal only, you will win. However, their two-goal loss will bring you a refund.

More tips with other betting markets

Handicap betting tips are not the only ones Takebet Uganda brings you.

Other sections with predictions by betting market:

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