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The US Open is among the four most admired tennis Grand Slam competitions. So no wonder there are many 2022 US Open predictions on the web! Takebet Uganda is your source for free tips on the tournament that experts drop regularly and based on actual sports data.

Our analysts use their years of experience writing about tennis: our US Open tips begin with futures, such as predictions for the player to win the tournament or reach the final.

Men’s and women’s singles are the main focus of our analytical articles with a periodic addition of doubles. Experts analyse recent and historical results, explore tennis stats for trends, and research betting odds for insights to bring you valuable bets.

The 2022 US Open is graced by the presence of Novak Djokovic (Serbia), Daniil Medvedev (Russia), Alexander Zverev (Germany) among men and Ashleigh Barty (Australia), Aryna Sabalenka (Belarus), and Naomi Osaka (Japan) among women.

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2022 US Open predictions: tournament preview

The US Open is the final major championship of the Grand Slam series during a tennis season. They play it in the USA every year for two weeks in August-September on the hard tennis courts of the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York.

The winners are identified in five categories: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. Takebet Uganda offers free US Open predictions for tennis matches in singles and doubles, focusing on the former.

Key tennis players featuring in 2022 US Open betting tips

Many prolific players, among men and women, will participate in the 2022 US Open tennis championship and often feature in our US Open tips.

Novak Djokovic, playing as the ATP world #1, heads into the US Open tournament with three Grand Slam titles won this year under his belt. He is a three-time winner of the greatest American tennis tournament and is looking to win his fourth victory. The downside for the Serb is his run of form — broken at the 2021 Olympics, where he failed the semi-finals.

Daniil Medvedev, playing as the ATP world #2, already has one Grand Slam final this year, where he lost to Djokovic at the Australian Open (5-7, 2-6, 2-6). The highest result for the Russian at the US Open was the 2019 final, in which he lost to Rafael Nadal (5-7, 3-6, 7-5, 6-4, 4-6).

Other top participants of the 2022 US Open among men:

  • Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece)
  • Alexander Zverev (Germany)

Ashleigh Barty, playing as the WTA world #1, has won two different Grand Slams by now, the one being the 2021 Wimbledon. That said, Barty has never championed the US Open: her highest result was in the fourth round in 2019. She is looking for another shot this year.

Naomi Osaka, playing as the WTA world #3, is a two-time US Open champion and the 2021 Australian Open winner. Osaka is the defending champion this year.

Other top participants of the 2022 US Open among women:

  • Aryna Sabalenka (Belarus)
  • Karolina Pliscova (Czech Republic)
  • Elina Svitolina (Ukraine)

Their matches will indeed feature in our 2022 US Open betting predictions.

Betting odds of 2022 US Open

Takebet Uganda assesses tournament betting odds when coming up with outright predictions for the US Open and when updating you on favourites’ chances.

Betting odds for the 2022 US Open men’s singles tournament winner:

  • Novak Djokovic — 1.65 (-150 American; 4/6 Fractional)
  • Daniil Medvedev — 5.00 (+400; 9/2)
  • Alexander Zverev — 8.00 (+700; 7/1)

Betting odds for the 2022 US Open women’s singles tournament winner:

  • Naomi Osaka — 5.00 (+400 American; 4/1 Fractional)
  • Ashleigh Barty — 7.00 (+600; 6/1)
  • Aryna Sabalenka — 11.00 (+1000; 10/1)

Coverage of US Open

Takebet Uganda is a trustworthy source of trends and betting insights for punters, the main reason we are proud of our top US Open betting tips. The picks for this event come in several types. First of all, there are singles and accumulators. Our experts tend to offer single selections more often due to their higher profitability, but multi-bets are also here.

Secondly, there are futures and US Open predictions for games. The former are given 1-2 weeks prior, such as expert picks for the player to win the tournament. We offer the latter for actual matches starting with the first round of the US Open Grand Slam.

We research big and small betting markets to spot value bets for our match predictions. The team of Takebet Uganda employs some decent tennis betting experts and journalists with years of experience breaking down results, stats, odds, and the form of tennis players. This is why we are sure our US Open tips will significantly help you.

Betting markets and odds of US Open tips

There is a vast range of diverse betting options available for tennis. That is why gamblers have numerous possibilities for making punts. Takebet Uganda uses all possible kinds of bets.

  • 1x2 (money line). Tips on the winner of a particular match, set, or game.
  • Correct score. Predictions of the exact score of a match or set.
  • Totals. Picks for the number of sets or games the athletes will play in a match. We may account for the totals of both participants or the individual total of a particular tennis player.
  • Handicaps. Betting tips on a particular match, set, or game with a positive or negative difference is called a handicap (spread).
  • Prop bets. Punts on particular events occurring or not occurring during a game: stats like double faults, aces, breaks of serves, etc.

Betting tips on the 2022 US Open may feature all the options mentioned. However, when it comes to the odds, they differ depending on the bet type, often ranging from 1.50 to 10.00.

US Open match predictions

True tennis fans cannot miss any match of the US Open, especially the top ones. Therefore, Takebet Uganda provides complete coverage of every fixture featuring top opponents or up to the quarter-finals, from where experts start to predict every game of tennis.

That said, we may occasionally drop US Open tennis predictions — matches of smaller level — if we find a value bet when researching the betting lines of bookmakers.

US Open outright bets

On Takebet Uganda, you will find US Open betting tips on separate matches and also the predictions of the futures called outrights. As a gambler, you will have an opportunity to bet on the winner of the 2022 US Open, the finalists, the results of a particular player, and more.

Schedule of 2022 US Open

The start of the 2022 US Open tennis championship is scheduled for Monday, August 30. It will last until Sunday, September 12. As far as the match predictions are considered, here is the schedule of the stages that we will predict in the course of the competition:

  • First round: August 30 — August 31
  • Second sound: September 1 — September 2
  • Third round: September 3 — September 4
  • Round of 16: September 5 — September 6
  • Quarter-finals: September 7 — September 8
  • Women’s semi-finals: September 9
  • Men’s semi-finals: September 10
  • Women’s final match: September 11
  • Men’s final match: September 12

Come 12-24 hours before a US Open match you fancy betting on with our picks — and be sure to get our US Open final predictions dropped as soon as the finalists are announced.

How experts research US Open for tennis predictions

The process of producing sports tips is quite complex. There are plenty of criteria that the experts of Takebet Uganda take into account to come up with accurate US Open tips:

  • Betting odds. Something we begin the analysis with, odds tell us about the implied probabilities which bookmakers have counted and where the money is going.
  • Surface. This criterion is among those which significantly influence the performance of tennis players and the outcomes of games. The US Open occurs on a hard surface. Therefore, our specialists analyse how athletes have performed on the same court surface before to predict their future performance during the tournament.
  • Conditions of players. Analysing physical capabilities and motivation helps our team of professionals to come up with correct US Open tennis betting tips. We check whether a particular athlete has suffered any injuries and how serious they were. We pay attention to physical traits like the dominating hand of each player, etc.
  • Rankings and form. Tennis experts pay exceptional attention to the overall power of a particular athlete and his latest results, historical results, and H2H.
  • Statistics. The following vital factor we examine is stats, including aces, breaks, double faults, serves ratios and other numbers from recent matches to assess players.
  • News. The last but not the least important factor, the latest news, helps us finalise our accurate predictions and provide you with up-to-date information on players.

The team of professional pundits at Takebet Uganda considers all these factors to provide you with the best expert picks for each upcoming top game.

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