Betting sites place Chelsea second to win Champions League Group H after 3 rounds

The current Champions League winners, Chelsea, have been placed second by the chances of winning Group H of the 2021-22 tournament at the three-game equator on international betting sites. Italian Juventus surpass the English side in quite a big way.

The odds of Chelsea topping the group after the next three matches equal 2.20 (+120 American; 6/5 Fractional), a chance of around 45%. The opposite event is priced at 1.44 (-227; 11/25). The club has won two games, against Malmo (4-0) and Zenit (1-0), with one loss to the leaders Juventus (0-1).

Now Chelsea have six points with +4 goal difference versus nine points and +5 difference to Juventus, whose odds are 1.60 (-167; 3/5) to win the group and 2.75 (+175; 7/4) to fail.

The possible win of Zenit is not that possible really with the odds of 51.00 (+5000; 50/1), while Malmo are fourth in the table and on the bookmakers’ list with zero points and 501.00 (+50000; 500/1) odds to win.

Interestingly, Chelsea are still fairly higher than Juventus by the chance of winning the 2021-22 Champions League as a whole, with the odds of 9.00 (+800; 8/1) on Chelsea and 20.00 (+1900; 19/1) on Juventus, which means the English team is twice more likely to get the trophy.

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