Champions League Group B odds: Atletico to win, Porto and Leverkusen follow

Three-time UEFA Europa League champions, Atletico Madrid are yet again kicking off their international football season with a Champions League group stage. The team of Diego Simeone is the favourite to win Group B, according to the top online sports betting sites. Their odds float at 1.83 (83/100 Fractional; -120 American), marking a probability of around 50%.

Porto and Bayer Leverkusen follow Atletico, with some — but not so many — chances to make it to the first place. They are almost equal by chance, with the odds of 4.00 (3/1; +300) and 4.20 (16/5; +320), respectively. However, it is much more probable that the defending champions of Portugal Primeira and the prolific German side will battle for second place in Group B.

Coming last is Club Brugge — able to cause surprising headaches in one or two matches, but nevertheless fated to finish last, with the odds of 13.00 (12/1; +1200) on them topping the group.

The first round of Group B is set to start on September 7, with Atletico Madrid playing Porto at home and Club Brugge welcoming Bayer Leverkusen in Belgium.

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