Champions League Group D odds: Tottenham odds-on to win, others to be in tight race

The 2022-23 UEFA Champions League Group D may not be full of stellar names, but with Eintracht Frankfurt, Marseille and Sporting almost equalling each other by chances to win the group and Tottenham leading the pack, this lot is poised to be a tight race up until the end.

Tottenham are priced with the odds of 1.50 (1/2 Fractional; -200 American) to win Group D as clear favourites. These equals an approximate probability of 60%, given the bookie’s margin.

Eintracht Frankfurt and Marseille snap at the heels of each other, with their winning odds set at 6.00 (5/1; +500) and 6.50 (11/2; +550), respectively. The chances of Sporting to top Group D are somewhat lower, but not that much — the odds of 8.00 (7/1; +800).

The Group D first round kicks off on September 7, with Eintracht Frankfurt welcoming Sporting.

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