Champions League Group E odds: Chelsea favourite to win, Milan — to be second

Group E in the 2022-23 UEFA Champions League season is very straightforward in how the teams are positioned against each other, according to the top online sports betting sites: Chelsea look forward to win the group as solid odds-on favourites, AC Milan — to finish second, Red Bull Salzburg and Dinamo Zagreb — to finish third and fourth, respectively.

The odds on Chelsea equal 1.33 (1/3 Fractional; -303 American), a probability of around 70% with bookmaker margins deducted. The Blues won the 2020-21 UCL, but now they are on a turbulent run after Abramovich dropped the club, and the season can go either way for them.

AC Milan are priced at 4.33 (10/3; +333), a probability of around 20%. They are almost as far from Chelsea by chance to win as Red Bull Salzburg are far from Milan, with the odds of 11.00 (10/1; +1000) on FC Salzburg. The last, Dinamo Zagreb have the odds at 51.00 (50/1; +5000).

The first round of Group E kicks off on September 6, with Dinamo Zagreb having Chelsea.

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