Messi’s exit makes Real Madrid favourites to win La Liga 2021-22 on betting sites

FC Barcelona has just broken the silence around Lionel Messi’s new contract: the Argentine legend, who is now a free agent, will not continue his career in Blaugrana — and probably in La Liga as such. This is due to financial regulations imposed by the league.

The betting sites have already reacted — and have heavily changed the odds of Barcelona to win the league in the season 2021-22. Now, the ex-club of Lionel Messi is priced at 3.25 (+225 American; 9/4 Fractional) to win La Liga next season. This equals chances of around 30%.

Previously, online bookmakers gave the odds of 2.40 (+140; 7/5) for Barcelona to clinch their 27th league title.

Now Real Madrid is the new sole favourite to win the league with odds of 2.00 (+100; 1/1), meaning chances of around 50%. Before the news about Messi not staying in Barcelona broke, the Galacticos had been priced the same as Barcelona, with the odds of 2.40 (+140; 7/5).

As for the chances to land Messi as their new forward, PSG are the odds-on favourites with the odds as low as 1.67 (-149; 67/100). Manchester City are massively behind with the odds of 6.00 (+500; 5/1)

Apparently there are still chances that La Liga will intrude and save Messi's new deal with Barcelona. The odds of this happening are 3.00 (+200; 2/1).

La Liga is starting on 13 August 2021, and by then we will know if Messi stays or leaves.

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