Nigeria, Senegal and Cameroon joint-favourites by odds to win AFCON 2021 play-offs

Going into the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations play-offs, Nigeria and Cameroon have emerged as the new joint-favourites to win the tournament along with Senegal, with the latter being among the main favourites all the way, according to international online sports betting sites.

All three national teams have a chance of winning of around 20%. Senegal and Cameroon are priced at 5.00 (+400 American; 4/1 Fractional), while Nigeria is at 5.50 (+450; 9/2). All three teams finished top of their respective groups, with Nigeria winning all three matches, Cameroon getting two wins with one draw and Senegal winning one game with two draws.

Morocco and Ivory Coast are another two teams with a solid shot at winning the AFCON 2021, with the odds of 7.50 (+650; 13/2) on the former and 8.00 (+700; 7/1) on the latter.

One of the previous AFCON 2021 main favourites, Egypt, is now behind Mali, with the odds of 13.00 (1200; 12/1) on the former and 11.00 (+1000; 10/1) on the latter.

The AFCON 2021 play-offs start on 23 January 2022 with the Round of 16.

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