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Placing a bet on horse racing is slightly more complex than placing a bet on football or tennis. You need research to find the right betting markets for you. If you're interested in learning how you can bet as little as 3p on a single virtual horse racing event and makeup to £250,000 per day then read here for more.

Have you dabbled in horse race betting before?

Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t. What we know for sure is that this is the most lucrative sport in online sports betting. Horse racing is also the most prestigious sports to bet on with some of the fastest horses racing on the oldest tracks in the world.

Placing a bet on horse racing is slightly more complex than placing a bet on football or tennis. However, with so much information out there and articles just like these, you're sure to find the right betting markets for you.

What’s more is that horse racing has a new feature: Virtual Horse Racing.

Yes, that’s right. You no longer have to wait for the ‘actual’ live horse racing to place a bet, instead, you can login to your account and place bets on what may seem like the real horse races.

William Hill is one of the superior bookmakers for virtual horse racing. Races take place every three minutes, which means that whilst you’re reading this a race would have started and finished.

Rest assured that you will never wait to place a bet on virtual horse betting again thanks to William Hill. the runners, courses and rider are computer generated but the odds and profits are most certainly real.

With races taking place on a frequent basis you have the liberty to choose between flat racing and jump racing.

In this article we will discuss the rapid growth in virtual horse racing and how you can place a bet today with William Hill.

william hill virtual horse racing

What Is Virtual Horse Racing?

Virtual horse racing is a digital interpretation of live horse racing.

The intention of virtual horse racing was for punters to have open betting markets to bet on in the off peak seasons.

Prior to writing this article we browsed through the William Hill virtual horse racing section and had to take a second look. The stimulated graphics are more accurate than we imagined.

The sharp and life-like horses and jockeys run the race like an actual race. The results in the virtual horse racing event are determined by a random number generator.

Once you visit the William Hill virtual horse racing page you will be surely impressed by the horses strutting their stuff around the tracks.

Why Bet On Virtual Horse Betting?

We needed some convincing too. However, after reviewing some of the following points, it might be hard to say no.

Here are some of the top reasons to start betting on virtual horse betting:

  1. Continuous action
  2. There are races scheduled every 3 minutes, 24 hours a day. Including weekends
  3. Since this a virtual sport, there are no Rule 4s deductions. Rule 4 deductions are made to the winnings you receive once the horse you supported wins orplaces. However, these deductions are only made when one or more horses withdraw from the race
  4. Also in virtual horse racing, there are no price changes and no non-runners
  5. There are win and each bet available at William Hill
  6. No meetings, disqualification or stewards enquiries are cancelled due to the weather.
  7. Low minimum bets are accepted from as little as 3p
  8. Win up to £250,000 per day
  9. Place bets Forecasts and Tricasts on virtual events
  10. To top it all off: the free bet offer. Meaning that you do not need to spend any money when playing.
  11. Virtual horse racing is not interrupted by any outside events.

william hill virtual horse racing

William Horse Virtual Horse Racing Odds

With a hopefully clearer idea of what virtual horse racing is, we can move onto the right bookmaker to place your bets.

William Hill is the bookmaker we have hand picked for this sporting event. The reason is twofold:

  1. William Hill is one of the oldest and most secure bookmakers
  2. They emerged as frontrunners in the virtual horse betting industry with races taking place every 3 minutes

There are currently three different virtual horse racing courses to choose from. These are :

  • Portman Park
  • Steepledowns
  • Sprint Valley

To access the William Hill virtual horse racing you will need to sign up or login. Then click on the far right tab ‘Virtual’.

A menu will appear and you can proceed to choose horse racing from the various virtual sports on offer.

You will see these 7 tabs:

  • Meetings
  • Horse A-Z
  • Jockey/ Trainer
  • Future Racing
  • Virtual
  • Specials
  • Tote

For purpose of this article, you will need to click on virtual to access the horse races. There are races available with high-value odds to bet on today.


Enter the booming world of virtual horse racing. With bookmakers like William Hill offering horse races every 3 minutes, you’re guaranteed a win.

You can begin betting with as little as 3p, making William Hill virtual horse racing attainable for any level punter.

Although this is a virtual sport you will still need to employ horse betting strategies in order to win and to win more regularly.

The betting markets for virtual horse betting are more reliable than live horse betting at times since factors such as the weather, non-runners and disqualifications are not part of the equation. Making virtual horse betting a more secure type of betting and also more accessible to punters due to the nature of the frequent events.

William Hill is one of the many bookmakers that offer virtual horse racing markets and superior to many others due to their years of experience, secure markets and helpful customer service!

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